Some people died right after the incident, hundreds were in hospital for the effects of radiations and thousands of persons were exposed to radiations in the neighboring Chernobyl areas: these are the numbers after the explosion.
And after that?

There is less and less talk of that, forgetting that the left legacy of the explosion will last for centuries. A domino tiles without an end, because the effects can be seen on the children of those girls who at the time were only kids, simply living and eating the products of their land.

An exclusion zone, till 30 km around Chernobyl, with contaminated abandoned villages, ghostly, with the remains of an escaped population.

In which, however, someone, attached to its territory, despite the risks, he decided to stay. Often old people, without electricity, left on their own, they live eating contaminated food of their gardens. And then, a really wide area, passing by Belarus and Ukraine, where there are so many children in care centers or in orphanages, still suffering from the radioactivity effects.